Funding agreed to replace bridge on route to Fife primary school

The footbridge in Lundin Links is used by school children walking to Lundin Mill PS.
The footbridge in Lundin Links is used by school children walking to Lundin Mill PS.

An integral footbridge used by children to get to a local school is going to be replaced, after funding was agreed this week.

Levenmouth Area Committee agreed on Wednesday that £25,000 will be spent on constructing a replacement bridge in Lundin Links.

The bridge, which is used by children going to Lundin Mill Primary School, was closed last year after it fell into disrepair.

The funding has been welcomed by Largo Community Council, which has been campaigning to get the bridge replaced. While £25,000 is available, the community council will have to apply to Fife Environment Trust for 75 per cent of that figure.

“We’re delighted that the bridge is going to be built and that it is going to restore the safer route to school for the children,” Peter Aitken, community council chair, said.

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The original estimate for replacing the bridge was £75,000, however this dropped to £25,000 following an assessment by the army.

While Fife Council is not legally responsible for the bridge, it is the preferred safe route to school.

The proposal will see the removal of the existing wooden bridge and see it replaced by a prefabricated steel unit. It will use some of the existing steel supports.

Convener of Levenmouth Area Committee, Councillor Ken Caldwell said: “Keeping these routes open is essential for providing a safe environment for the community away from traffic. It is important that we recognise the value of this asset for local people.”