Funding approved for Duffus Park access improvements

The main road in Duffus Park.
The main road in Duffus Park.

A new car park and access route at the south side of Duffus Park are to be created, after councillors on the North East Fife Area Committee agreed to put funding towards the project.

The development will see the formation of an access road off the road into SRUC Elmwood and a 40-space car park created adjacent to the bowling club.

The approval of the funding was welcomed by Councillor Margaret Kennedy.

She said: “It is fantastic news to have finally reached the position of being able to deliver a safer and more sustainable parking solution at the south end of the Duffus Park.

“This is the culmination of many discussions and negotiations between myself, the Duffus Park Bowling Club, Fife Voluntary Action, SRUC Elmwood and Fife Council. I am very grateful for all the support which has helped make this happen.

“It is much more than a car park. It will open doors for the users of the park to develop their club’s future development. In particular the bowling club as they have been most affected by the inappropriate parking on grass and unsafe access point.”

Cllr Donald Lothian, committee convener, said the current situation was “unsafe and unfit for purpose. He added: “The vehicular access to the south side of Duffus Park and Duffus Park Bowling Club is unacceptable due to its proximity to the pedestrian crossing and the access road to Elmwood College and Cupar Sports Centre.

“The funds will address these issues by creating a new access road and it will also provide an opportunity for a car parking area that will mitigate further parking on the grass area.

“This will be a great benefit to all users of the south side of the park, giving tennis, bowling and football clubs opportunity to grow.”