Green light for Cupar north

The plans have been given the go-ahead
The plans have been given the go-ahead

The Scottish Government has been accused of “summarily dismissing” concerns of local people after publishing its report on FIFEplan.

The comments came following the recommendation made by the government’s Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) on Fife’s local development strategy, FIFEplan, to back plans for Cupar north.

Clearly frustrated by the process, Cupar Councillor Bryan Poole commented: “There is surely something wrong with the process of government when the overwhelming view and genuine concerns of a local community are summarily dismissed.”

And he is convinced that the 1400-home development will go ahead, so: “It’s important that local people and local businesses are given the opportunity to shape the development and share the benefits.

“We need to see a draft masterplan, promised since 2008, as a matter of urgency.

“I hope the consortium developing the site begin to listen to the local community and work in partnership with them. To date the signs have hardly been encouraging – if this is to work then the consortium has to be much more accommodating,” he added.

Douglas Provan of Cupar Community Council, was equally convinced that Cupar North would go ahead, describing the plan as a “stitch-up” between the developers and Fife Council.

“I don’t think there was any doubt it would not go ahead,” he said, “I find it amazing that although we kept asking how many homes we need to house Cupar people, no one could give us an answer.”

Looking to the future, Mr Provan continued: “All we can do is see we get the best for Cupar – GPs, hospitals, schools and I would personally like to see an old people’s home in the plan.”

The Cupar north plan includes 1400 homes, 20 per cent of which would be affordable, along with plans for retail outlets, a hotel and restaurant, petrol station and a primary school.

The plan has been widely opposed by Cuparians.