Investigation after pavement collapses in Methilhill

The hole was found at the end of Chemiss Road. Pic: Google.
The hole was found at the end of Chemiss Road. Pic: Google.


The Coal Authority says it is working to find out the cause of the hole, which was found on a path on Chemiss Road.

The hole has appeared just yards from a piece of land which has been fenced off years due to old mining works subsiding.

Work has since been carried out to fill the hole.

It has prompted local councillors to call for action before any more holes appear in the area.

Mick Owens, principal project manager at the Coal Authority, said: “On Friday, August 10, we received a report of a hole near to a footpath on Chemiss Road in Methilhill.

“Our regional project manager responded to this incident and ensured that the hazard was made safe by securely fencing the area.

“We will be undertaking thorough ground investigations to determine the cause of this incident.

“If these investigations conclude that it is a result of historical coal mine workings, we will undertake ground remediation work to make the area safe.”

Local councillor Ken Caldwell said: “This is very concerning, although it’s been over 10 years since the last sink hole appeared, it’s in the same area.

“We have tried to work with the adjacent landowner and the Coal Authority, but to no avail.

“I hope now they will sit up and take notice, before any more appear.”