Kinghorn residents anger at recycling point mess

The state of Pettycur's recycling point last weekend
The state of Pettycur's recycling point last weekend

Fife Council has blamed the recent hot weather and Fife’s gala season for overflowing bins and piles of dumped bottles at some of its recycling points.

In particular the mess at Pettycur in Kinghorn has drawn the wrath of townsfolk who say that, although they are doing their bit to help the local authority by recycling, it is not keeping its end of the bargain by emptying the bins more regularly.

Another of the town’s recycling points at Orchard Road is currently closed due to works by Scottish Water and is not due to reopen for several months.

Evie Milo, a Kinghorn artist, highlighted the state of the recycling point at the weekend on the Kinghorn Facebook page, and told the Press it had been like that for over a week before it was eventually emptied on Tuesday.

She posted photos of the overflowing bins and bags of waste piled up, as well as a huge number of bottles.

“It’s no wonder people are apathetic about recycling when it looks like Fife Council doesn’t care about it,” she said.

“So many of us DO care and DO want to recycle.

“But if the Council doesn’t fulfill its commitments all this is going to end up in landfill again and again.”

She said that Kinghorn was not the only place where this is happening.

“Fife Council needs to be named and shamed about this.

“My post has been shared a lot and there are disgruntled Fifers all over the place because the council is not doing its bit.”

In response one man said: “I took some glass bottles to the recycling point at Burntisland Links, and it’s pretty much the same. It really is poor and shows recurring failures of recycling management.”

And another suggested dumping the bottles on the steps of Kirkcaldy’s Town House.

Brian Robertson, service manager, with Fife Council’s arm’s length organisation, Fife Resource Solutions, said: “We’re experiencing a greater demand at our recycling points across Fife due to the exceptionally good weather and events being held such as gala days.

“We cleared the recycling point at Pettycur Road this week.

“Unfortunately the recycling point at Orchard Road has been closed because of building works but is due to reopen in the autumn.”