Kirkcaldy pupils prompt action on rubbish problem

Councillor Leslie
Councillor Leslie

Prefects at a Kirkcaldy school have been praised for helping to vastly improve a long-standing litter problem.

The senior pupils at Balwearie High School stepped in to take action after residents in Invertiel complained about students using the railway viaduct as a lunchtime meeting spot, leaving rubbish including sandwich boxes, plastic bottles and crisp packets strewn around the area.

Following a meeting between members of the school staff, prefects and the Invertiel Tenants and Residents Association, action was taken to prevent pupils from using the area.

And the improvement in the situation was this week praised by Councillor Kathleen Leslie who represents the area on Fife Council and the Invertiel Tenants and Residents Association which raised the concerns.

Cllr Leslie said: “Last year it was brought to my attention when meeting with the tenants and residents association that there was a huge problem with littering at the viaduct by school pupils.

“When I looked into this, it became apparent that Fife Council had provided £2000 to the school for a contractor to carry out work in the area. Strangely though no-one seemed to consider that this was not enough money to build a long enough fence to cut off access.”

In October Cllr Leslie, working with the TRA, arranged for the Community Payback Team to clean up the litter.

“Following a meeting in January between members of the TRA and some of the prefects to discuss how to monitor the situation in the longer term it, seems that matters have greatly improved,” she added.

Ian Bushnell, chairman of the TRA, added: “When we met with the prefects they were very positive and responsive in listening to our concerns.

“We all recognised that it was only a small minority of pupils who were dropping litter and thankfully the positive attitude of the school in seeking a solution has meant the problem is almost gone.”