Lib Dems blame Fife Council for Kingdom’s poor roads

Cllr Johnny Tepp examining a section of damaged roadway in Fife.
Cllr Johnny Tepp examining a section of damaged roadway in Fife.

Lib Dem councillors have condemned Fife Council and the Scottish Government for a significant decline in road repair performance.

They claim it can’t all be blamed on the ‘Beast from the East’ and that measures they proposed in February would have reduced the damage.

Speaking after the publication of the annual Road Condition Report, Cllr Jonny Tepp explained: “In February we put forward proposals to boost expenditure on roads by £10m, however these were rejected by the Administration and received no support from the Tory opposition. In fact the road problem was not even acknowledged in the Conservative’s budget proposals, despite the Lib Dems argument that the problem was, like the holes themselves, getting bigger.”

And so it now appears to be the case with the release of the annual Road Condition Report by Fife Council’s Head of Transportation.

Cllr Jane Ann Liston, the Fife Lib Dem Transport spokeswoman, agreed, saying, “The data shows an unfolding disaster, just as we predicted. The Road Condition Indicator shows that A and B Class Roads are getting worse.”

Now, the Conservative Group on Fife Council has proposed redirecting last year’s Council tax rise plus any rise agreed next February to funding infrastructure works such as road repairs.

Group Leader, Cllr Dave Dempsey said: “Last February, our alternative budget demonstrated that the Council could operate without a council tax rise. However, SNP and Labour voted it through.”