Mosmorran flaring for three weeks

Flaring at Mossmorran  (Pic: Steve Gunn)
Flaring at Mossmorran (Pic: Steve Gunn)

Fife Ethelyne Plant is set to partially shut down for three weeks for routine maintenance and safety inspections.

From Friday, the business has warned Fifers there will be on gong flaring – an essential part of the massive plant’s safety systems.

The partial closure will allow specialist engineers and Exxon’s workforce to carry out routine scheduled maintenance.

It has been timed as part of an industry-wide ‘low feed window’ from North Sea installations and the gas plants at St Fergus which supply its ethane feed.

The company has said there will be ‘‘ongoing’’ flaring during the three weeks, and apologises if it causes any inconvenience or concerns.

It said the flare was a’’an essential’’ part of the plant’s safety systems and any flaring would be kept to a minimum.