Mossmorran flaring sparks more concerns


One of Fife’s biggest industrial giants has come under renewed criticism for flaring.

The latest process at Mossmorran is expected up to 72 hours.

The giant flare was clearly visible on Friday evening, sparking more criticism of the chemical plant.

Mark Ruskell, Green MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said it showed the company held neighbouring residents in ‘‘contempt’’ – and demanded action from the Scottish Government.

Exxon insists flaring ish a vital part of the plant’s safety systems, but it has faced intense criticism from locals concerned at the impact.

Mr Ruskell said the noise, bright light and vibrations associated with the process can be heard for miles around and that results in severe inconvenience and distress for the communities affected.

He continued: “This latest incident once again shows the contempt in which the operators hold neighbouring communities who have flooded me with complaints.

“Exxon Mobil state that the flaring poses no danger to local communities yet the noise, bright light and vibration that comes with the flaring process makes it virtually impossible to get a good night’s sleep.’’

Mr Ruskell called on the Scottish Government and SEPA to take ‘‘serious enforcement action’’ to ‘‘ensure that the wellbeing of those living in the shadow of Mossmorran is given greater priority than Exxon Mobil’s shareholders.’’

He added: “The operators are already under a legal investigation from SEPA following an earlier incident this year. There is also a complete lack of transparency in the operation of stakeholder liaison groups with minutes of meetings now removed from SEPA’s website.

“After decades of disruption this incident raises major concerns about whether the site in its current state is fit for purpose to run on till 2030.”

Mossmorran was shutdown on Friday after a small gas leak, prompting the emergency flaring which is expected to last for up to 72 hours.