MP creates a stink over the Melville ming

Stephen Gethins  at the landfill site
Stephen Gethins at the landfill site

North east Fife MP Stephen Gethins has called on SEPA and Fife Council to take further action to prevent odours from the Lower Melville Wood landfill site affecting people living nearby.

For months, people in nearby Collessie, Giffordtown, Letham and Ladybank have had to live with the stench from the site pervading their lives with many people unable to enjoy being in their gardens or children going outside to play. Complaints have also been made by golfers at the nearby Ladybank Golf Course.

“I have been contacted by a number of constituents concerned about the odour,” said Mr Gethins.

“They were told by SEPA a few months ago that preventative measures were being taken to limit the smell for leachate chambers but this clearly hasn’t worked and it’s as bad as ever.

“This odour is affecting so many people and it’s not acceptable that people feel they can’t go into their gardens or outside in the area.

“I know that SEPA attended a meeting of Letham Community Council in September and told people there they were to call every time the smell was bad. Many of the constituents who have been in touch with me have said they are fed up phoning and nothing happening and many are very frustrated with this situation.

“The processing and recycling of waste is very important but something must be done to address the odour issue properly.”

Mr Gethins confirmed he had written to both SEPA and Fife Council.