New £4 million sewer pipe at River Leven is almost complete

The new and old sewer pipes.
The new and old sewer pipes.

The finishes touches are being applied to a £4 million sewer pipe aimed at protecting the environment along the River Leven.

The pipeline project, due to be completed in March, involves replacing the 190 metre long and 1.4m wide sewer which criss-crosses the River Leven at Kirkland.

The pipe goes into Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works – which serves a quarter of a million people in Fife.

The pipe has been custom made for this project and because of its coating, is predicted to last for the next 50 years.

The outgoing pipe, which had come to the end of its life having served the area since the 1950s, will be removed and sent for recycling along with its concrete foundations.

The multi-million pound project has not come without its challenges. Engineers from Scottish Water and Alliance partners ABV had to ensure that up to 3000 litres of sewage a second could keep flowing into the works 24/7 without any disruption while the work was carried out.

By using the latest pump technology they were able to successfully divert flows in the sewer over the sensitive water course.

Scott Fraser, regional corporate affairs manager, said; “Working on sewer pipes of this size in such close proximity to a river is challenging.

“By carrying out this complex piece of engineering, we are ensuring that nearly two thirds of those living in Fife can continue to receive a reliable waste water service for the new year and well beyond.”