Overflowing bins placed between graves in Dysart cemetery show ‘lack of respect’

Brian Kelly has complained for two years about bins being placed next to graves in Dysart cemetery.
Brian Kelly has complained for two years about bins being placed next to graves in Dysart cemetery.

Fife Council has been accused of disrespect after putting bins next to graves at a Fife cemetery – and letting them overflow with dog fouling bags and rubbish.

Visitors to the cemetery in Dysart say the problem has been made worse because of the council’s decision to place the waste bin directly between two family graves and have blamed the authority for a lack of common sense.

Further, the council is being accused of ignoring concerns, with one resident telling the Press he’s tried for two years to get workmen to move the bin without success.

“It’s a disgrace and shows a total lack of respect for the families whose loved ones are buried in those graves,” said Brian Kelly.

“I’ve phoned the Council repeatedly over the last two years to have the two bins relocated but we’re still waiting.

“I’ve even moved one of them a couple of times myself, but it keeps being put back.

“I can’t believe the bins have been positioned right up against gravestones in the first place. It shows a complete lack of common sense.”

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The bins have been left overflowing with dog fouling bags, rubbish and old flowers which have covered the two graves, leading visitors to say enough is enough.

“It’s a nice cemetery and people who come here want to respect it and clean up after their dogs,” Mr Kelly added.

“There is ample space throughout the cemetery to relocate them to more appropriate areas.

“I’d hate for it to be a loved one of mine whose grave has been covered in such mess, it’s unacceptable and needs to be sorted out once and for all.”

Commenting on the complaint, Mitch Graham, bereavement services, said: “We are committed to ensuring cemeteries remain a respectful environment.

“We’ve recently been made aware of this issue, and we will look into repositioning the bin in the New Year. We are currently looking into repositioning bins at the entrance of cemeteries, so that waste can be disposed of when leaving.

“Bins are emptied on a regular basis, but are busier over the festive period. We encourage people to dispose of their rubbish and recycle their waste responsibly, taking any rubbish or dog waste home, or to the next available bin.

“We know that most people take pride in their environment, and work to keep Fife clean. It is illegal to dump waste outwith bins.

“This type of fly-tipping is a blight on communities and particularly disrespectful in this context.”