Petition launched for Letham Glen upgrades

Letham Glen
Letham Glen

A petition has been launched to highlight local support for proposals to improve the disabled facilities at Letham Glen.

Mary Parry, chair of MyBus, which runs Letham Glen Craft Centre, wants to put new equipment in the park, as there is no equipment suitable for wheelchair users.

The centre re-opened last year, and since then the group has been working with Fife Council on the plans.

The group want to improve the play park area, installing grassed-over rubber tiles which allow wheelchair access to equipment; sensory chimes; a babel drum; an inclusive orbit roundabout capable of taking two wheelchairs; and an ability swing with guards.

With the exception of the ability swing, which is designed specially for wheelchair users, all the other equipment can be used by all visitors to the glen.

However, to secure funding for the improvements, the group needs to demonstrate that there is enough support in the community for the project.

Ms Parry said: “There’s no equipment that a wheelchair user can use.

“If a family has two children, one able bodied and one with a disability who has to use a wheelchair, there is no equipment the child in the wheelchair could use.

“They’d have to sit and watch.”

Petitions are currently being passed around Levenmouth at the moment. If you would like to contact MyBus to show your support for the project, phone 01333 429066.