Report fly-tipping and dog fouling – appeal to Fife public

Public asked to report people fly tipping - which includes dumping rubbish alongside existing bins
Public asked to report people fly tipping - which includes dumping rubbish alongside existing bins

An appeal has been made to the Kirkcaldy public to help clean up the town’s streets and keep up civic pride in the area.

The plea came from Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of the Kirkcaldy area committee, during a report on the town’s parks, streets and open spaces this week.

Commenting on the huge amount of work carried out by both statutory and voluntary organisations in the town, Councillor Crooks said that the difference they make to civic pride was huge.

“Many councillors have been commenting on that joint work with the voluntary sector in our parks and open spaces, and I want to say that it is as good as it gets anywhere,” he said.

And he said everyone was looking forward to hearing how the town had done in the recent Beautiful Scotland and Britain in Bloom competitions, with judges from both groups having recently toured the area.

“There has been a significant amount of voluntary work going on to ensure we gave it our best shot and the town is looking great – the floral displays are fantastic.

Cllr Crooks

Cllr Crooks

“Keeping up that civic pride for the next five years is one of the things we have to continue as an area committee. If we take pride in our town, our town will take pride in us.

“Dog fouling and fly-tipping are our bugbears and I would appeal to the public for their assistance.

“There are areas in all our wards where it is common practice for people to dump their rubbish and just move on.

“If we get information about the type of vehicle, registration numbers, what the person or people look like etc, then we will pursue that and try to get it stopped.

“The chances of us catching people without the public are pretty slim and I would appeal to them that if they overlook any of the recycling points, or areas where there is a fly-tipping problem, then give us information to try to catch the people doing it.”

Scott Clelland, Kirkcaldy area team manager, told the committee that the council had replaced its fleet of mechanical sweepers with three new ones for the Kirkcaldy area, and were recruiting ten people for two new environmental action teams to look at problem hotspots.