Residents challenge legality of Cardenden homes plan

Residents say the site earmarked for 48 new affordable homes is prone to severe flooding.
Residents say the site earmarked for 48 new affordable homes is prone to severe flooding.

Community activists have called into question the legality of plans to build 48 new affordable homes on the outskirts of their village.

Cardenden Community Council claims the proposal is for the homes to be sited on land which is not allocated for development in Fife Council’s FifePlan– the framework which sets out the planning policies and proposals for the development and use of land across the region.

Furthermore, it claims the site is prone to severe flooding and is outwith the village boundary which would class the development as being in the contryside, which, it believes, contravenes planning policy.

The application, if approved, will transform the 1.75 hectare site, currently used for agricultural purposes, with a mix of detached, semi-detatched and terraced homes.

However, because the proposal is for fewer than 50 homes, there are concerns that the public’s views won’t be taken into consideration as the application will be determined by the council’s delegated powers .

A number of residents’ objections have already been lodged on the council’s planning site.

“There are several sites within the village boundary, particularly the former Auchterderran Centre, which have been designated for housing development, and these should be considered ahead of sites outwith the boundary,” David Taylor, Community Council secretrary told the Press.

“There is also concern that local services, particularly doctors, will be adversely impacted by the increased population and additional provision will need to be addressed before any development is considered.

“It is proposed to determine this application by delegated decision by a planning officer but, as it deviates from the local plan, it should be taken by the planning committee.

“Although new developments are supported, there is no desire for developers imposing inappropriate developments on the community.”