Residents’ objections to ‘Lego housing.’

Roy Mackie and Alan McIlravie . Pic by Fife Photo Agency
Roy Mackie and Alan McIlravie . Pic by Fife Photo Agency

Plans for 23 flats and townhouses on derelict land adjacent to Kinghorn golf course have been described as looking like they are made from Lego.

And locals, including the Royal Burgh’s Community Council, say that they will object to the proposed development unless it is changed to be more in keeping with the historical nature of the surrounding area.

Alan McIlravie, chairman of the Royal Burgh of Kinghorn Community Council added: “On seeing the drawings of this planned development the houses look like they could be made of Lego.

“The design is totally inappropriate for the historic nature of Kinghorn and we will be objecting to this plan in its current format.

“We are not against this piece of land being developed as it is an eyesore, but this is not the type of housing which is suitable for such a prominent location.”

Kenneth Young, who lives next to the proposed development, lodged an objection stating: “The height of the buildings and proximity to the road are totally unsuitable for the area. The proximity to the road of three of the blocks would make what is currently an open space beside the golf course into a dark and imposing space for anyone travelling on Burntisland Road and the residents opposite.

At the site of the proposed development.

At the site of the proposed development.

“The large boxy design is also not in-keeping with the area and is a poor design choice, used to try and maximise the number of units on a wide and shallow strip of land.”

Roger Diggins, who also lives nearby, added: “The proposed development is still too high and obtrusive and not in keeping with Kinghorn as a whole. It will add to the oppressive environment already generated by the 1960s high rise blocks which have spoilt the High Street.

“The proposed development will overlook the school and add to the traffic and congestion already around the area.”

Roy Mackie, who is also on the community council, added: “We should learn lessons from the mistakes made in the past and build attractive houses in Kinghorn, preferably with some traditional features.”

Councillor Gordon Langlands added: “As a member of the central area planning committee I will be taking the community concerns into account along with the recommendations of the council officers when this new application comes before the committee for determination.”

At the time of going to press nobody from the applicant Fouin and Bell Architects was available for comment.