Rotting whale carcass removed from Fife beach

The whale carcass wahed up on the Fife beach on Sunday.
The whale carcass wahed up on the Fife beach on Sunday.

A clean up operation has taken place after a rotting whale carcass was washed up on a Fife beach over the weekend.

The decomposing body, thought to be that of a Minke whale, came ashore on Silversands beach in Aberdour on Sunday after drifting in the Forth for several weeks.

The removal of the carcass, which was described as heavily decomposing, was removed by contractors on Monday as the public flocked to the beach to take advantage of the good wheather.

Commenting on the incident Audrey Peebles from the Fife Coast and Contryside Trust said the whereabouts of the dead whale had been monitored for a number of days following several reports of sightings along the coast.

She added: “The Minke Whale, which measured approximately 11 foot in length, has been dead for approximately one month, we were aware of it, but this is the first time it has been washed ashore.

“It is scheduled to be removed from the beach by a contractor this afternoon.”