‘Smelly’ bins wheeled out of sight in Kirkcaldy’s east end

Kirkcaldy MP Roger Mullin with the unpopular bins which have now been moved
Kirkcaldy MP Roger Mullin with the unpopular bins which have now been moved

Traders and residents in the east end of Kirkcaldy High Street have expressed their delight after Fife Council agreed to move communal rubbish bins from their doorstep which had been making lives a misery.

The three large communal bins were situated on the High Street outside the former ABC cinema, which is currently being renovated with plans to re-open it as the Kings Theatre.

As well as being an eyesore and smelling in the warmer weather, the bins were causing issues around site access for the new owners, the Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy Group.

And they were also affecting the small business owners, with the containers adversely affecting trade in the area.

But now it has been agreed they will be moved for an interim period to the bottom of Redburn Wynd, a location which was put forward as an alternative by the traders.

The problem bins were put in place for the use of 12 nearby flats on the High Street, but were continually used by nearby shops and passers-by.

This caused them to overflow very quickly, spilling rubbish onto the street. Residents in some of the flats also left carrier bags full of rubbish at the side of the bins, making the area even more unsightly.

A resident from the flats had complained: “They have been chained together and the tops padlocked, so I have to put my rubbish in small carrier bags to fit them in.

“People are just leaving the sacks at the side for the seagulls to get in.”

Residents and traders turned in desperation to local MP Roger Mullin to try and help resolve the issue after months of unsuccessfully appealing to the council to do something.

And, after working with representatives at Fife Council to come up with a solution to the ongoing dilemma, Mr Mullin said he was “delighted” that the decision had been taken to relocate the bins.

He said: “I have been liaising with Fife Council on this matter for some time, and recently suggested that the bins be moved to the foot of Redburn Wynd, away from the main road. I am delighted it has agreed to this as an interim measure, whilst discussions are ongoing as to a more permanent solution.

“I thank them for their co-operation in this.”

Grant Foster, director of the Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy Group, welcomed the news, saying: “I am delighted that the Council has agreed to relocate the bins to the bottom of Redburn Wynd.

“It will greatly improve the look of the High Street.”

Bill Convery, owner of Apollo Blinds added: “It’s great that the bins have been moved, and I am delighted with the help we got from Roger Mullin in resolving this issue.”