Spotlight to shine on Kinglassie skate park

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Members of Glenrothes Area Committee have agreed to spend £75,000 on improvements to amenities across the Glenrothes area.

Lochty Park Ballcourt and Skate Park in Kinglassie are to be flood-lit and the Lomond Centre car park is to be resurfaced.

Councillor Fiona Grant, convener of the Glenrothes Area Committee, said: “We are delighted to support the local community’s desire to enhance the ball court and skate park by lighting it up and allowing greater use of it.

“Quality play areas stimulate children and young people to get out, play and interact together. This investment will benefit the whole community by providing activities for young people throughout the year.

“We are also very pleased to provide funds to improve the car park at the well loved Lomond Centre which provides a venue for a wide variety of activities for all age groups.”