St Andrews action group steps up opposition to Abbey Park proposal

What the hotel and student accommodation could look like.
What the hotel and student accommodation could look like.

A residents’ action group in St Andrews has put up posters around the town criticising a proposed development at Abbey Park.

Robertson has submitted a proposal of application notice to construct a 90-bed hotel and 99-bed student accommodation.

In response to the plans, Abbey Park Residents’ Action Group has put up posters, criticising different aspects of the plans.

Posters have been put on nine trees, which would be felled to improve access to the site, while other posters criticise the wider development.

Dr Sandra Stewart, community communications and publicity, said: “Another says that Fife Council has systematically allowed the over-development of the site.”

She added: “We know something will be built on the site. We’re not against, say, a residential care home. Some of us are not against more affordable or social housing. There’s a lack of that sort of housing available in St Andrews.”

However, the group’s preferred future for the site would see it left as a community space.

“We were sold a peaceful life in a tranquil setting,” Dr Stewart added. “A hotel and student residence wont fulfil that promise. What’s being proposed is nothing short of vandalism.”

Robertson said that while nine trees would be felled, more would be put in a green space.

Ross McNulty, development director, Robertson Property, said: “We welcome feedback from the local community on the proposed development at Abbey Park, which meets the identified demand for a mid-market hotel and student accommodation in the town.

“Robertson is actively engaging with the public as the planning process continues, and we have already revised the development layout in line with feedback we received. We are in detailed discussions with a student and hotel operator respectively, and hope to be able to announce this in due course.”

The developers plans to submit an application this summer.