Tourists tackle litter on trips to St Andrews

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A civic-minded north east Fife couple have taken to cleaning up rubbish on a popular beach during their visits to St Andrews.

Iris Jarrett, from Wormit, swims in the sea at Castle Sands, during which time her husband can be found picking up broken glass and litter from the beach.

During their last visit to the town, Iris’ husband collected more than four and a half kilos of glass, and climbed along the cliff face to bring down a bin which had been thrown over the edge. He also collected glass fragments found in the sand.

A plea from local residents and environmentalists was issued earlier this year, after debris and bottles were found strewn across the beach.

“Every time we have come to St Andrews, my husband has cleaned up the beach,” Iris said.

“There seems to be a lot of broken glass about. Every time we go down to St Andrews he gets involved.

“We’ve got to show people that do throw the rubbish that it is not acceptable.

“The more people throw it down, the more people throw it down. Debris attracts other debris.

“People have to start picking it up.

“I don’t understand why they tolerate it.”

Given the popularity of St Andrews as a tourist attraction, Iris said the amount of rubbish found on the beach was a “shocking disgrace”.

She added: “You’ve got all these people going to the beach, and they could take away a souvenir in their backside.”