Vandals attack Fife park for second time

The partially demolished bench
The partially demolished bench

Fed-up residents have called for more police action following the latest spate of vandalism at a popular Kirkcaldy park.

Dunnikier Country Park in the north of the town has been targetted again by youths who, in recent weeks, have dismantled a stone bench built by the local community helped by Greener Kirkcaldy and the Dry Stone Walling Association.

The bench is now just a pile of stones

The bench is now just a pile of stones

The area is also used as a drinking den, with bottles and cans left strew around, making it a no-go zone for dog walkers who fear their pets could be injured by the broken glass and rusting cans.

And the added danger of speeding motor bikes and quad bikes is also putting off visitors as well as churning up the grass and adding to the unsightly mess.

Jimmy Whyte, who walks in the park most days, sent photographs of the destroyed bench, which was also the target of vandals around the same time last year during the school summer holidays.

He said: “A popular drystane dyke constructed in the wildlife area of the park has been systematically dismantled over a period of time by local youths who have been using the area at weekends as their own personal drinking den.

“Every week new broken glass and discarded bottles of alcohol can be found strewn over the park and in the nearby pond.

“I am in the park most days and have yet to see any sort of police presence or action taken about this mindless destruction of a lovely civic amenity.

“Motorbikes are also regularly zooming about the park causing danger to dog walkers and families out for a quiet stroll.”

Jim Crosbie, secretary/treasurer of the Dunnikier Park Development Group, said this was the second spate of vandalism to happen at the same spot in the park.

“We are really disappointed that this has happened again because this is a facility that is here for everyone to enjoy, including the people who are responsible for this.

“It is a beautiful, secluded spot which is great to sit and watch the wildlife and just watch the world go by,” he said. “I’m not really sure if it is worth us rebuilding it again but this area of the park is doing really well in attracting more wildlife and there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.”

Sergeant John Weir said police had received no reports of vandalism, but if a particular area was proving problematic additional patrols could be introduced.