Video: Residents baffled by late night ‘roaring’ noise

Residents in Fife were woken in the early hours of this morning by a loud roaring noise.

People living in the Levenmouth area have reported the noises between 2.30am and 3am, with some contacting to find out what was behind it.

The source of the late-night noise has been identified as Cameronbridge Distillery

The source of the late-night noise has been identified as Cameronbridge Distillery

Residents have reported being able to hear the roaring loudly inside their own homes as far away as Kennoway.

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Police have confirmed that they have been contacted about the matter, but say no further action was taken.

The source of the noise is thought to be flaring coming from the Cameronbridge distillery near Windygates.

One resident told that while she had heard the noise during daytime once or twice before, the late-night roaring caused a great deal of upset.

Suzy Cooke said: “People have got work and school, and the dogs were going mental, so it was a bit rude. My daughter was petrified.

“We’ve heard it at teatime before but never at this time in the morning.

“When it first went off during the night I thought it was a gunshot.

“It happened twice in a row and was more than ten bangs each time, it was scary in the middle of the night.

“It was about 2.40am and then again at about 2.55am.

“I realised they must have been releasing gas or something.

“If I’d opened my window it would have been a lot louder.

“There was also a lot of white smoke - there’s always white smoke anyway, but there was more than normal.

“We’ve never had any information to let people know in advance of anything happening.”

Bosses at the plant, which is operated by Diageo, confirmed it was the source of the bangs, and apologised to local residents.

A Diageo spokesperson said: “A valve release activated during start up in an area of our site last night and we apologise this caused some concern for local residents.

"This is not part of the routine operation of the plant and steps are in place to ensure this will not happen in the future.”

A spokesperson from SEPA said: “Diageo has notified SEPA of a noise incident at the Cameronbridge distillery during the early hours of Friday morning, which impacted on the local community.

"SEPA officers are awaiting the outcome of Diageo’s investigation into what caused the incident and will continue to liaise with the distillery managers to ensure further noise incidents do not occur.

“Whilst SEPA has not received any complaints regarding the incident, we would encourage local residents to contact our Pollution Hotline on 0800 80 70 60 if they have any concerns.”