Why you shouldn't leave bags of donations outside Fife charity shops

Clothes dumped at overflowing donation bins at one charity shopClothes dumped at overflowing donation bins at one charity shop
Clothes dumped at overflowing donation bins at one charity shop | JPIMedia
Call to keep all items at home until lockdown is over

The appeal comes from Revolve stores – there are ten across the Kingdom.

They have asked Fifers not to leave donations at charity stores or clothing banks which are currently closed.

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With no way of uplifting the items, it means they are left open to the elements and damaged – and that means they cannot then be put up for sale once lockdown is over.

Awarded by Zero Waste Scotland, the Revolve certification is Scotland’s guarantee for pre-loved items, which gives shoppers the confidence that they can find quality goods and excellent service when shopping second hand. There are Revolve accredited stores across the region, including Furniture Plus in Kirkcaldy, and partners include the Salvation Army.

Catherine Bozec, consumer campaigns manager, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Our network relies on donations to keep its shelves stocked, but in these unprecedented times all stores are currently closed in line with government advice.

“Items sold in Revolve stores have been assessed for quality, meaning all products are of a good standard, just like buying new. Sadly, when donations are left outside stores, they are subject to the elements which means they do not pass quality or safety checks and are often not salvable. Due to the stores being closed, no one is on the premises to collect donations.

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“We would strongly urge anyone considering making a donation to a Revolve store at the moment to please wait until stores reopen.”

By keeping items in good use for longer, people can save themselves money and help the environment. Revolve stores ensure valuable resources can be reused – extending their life, supporting local communities and protecting the environment.


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