Wormit resident vows to fight to keep park open

Craigshannoch Road park in Wormit. Pic: Google.
Craigshannoch Road park in Wormit. Pic: Google.

A Wormit resident has said he will “fight tooth and nail” to keep a local park open.

Fife Council has proposed closing Craigshannoch Road park – a move which has frustrated residents in the area.

Michael Rennie (34) whose two children often use the park, said that the park is well used.

He told the Herald: “I will make it my mission to make sure that this park is not closed. If it means transferring it to the community, raising the funds, doing the work, so be it.”

Mr Rennie said the proposed closure was “utter madness”, adding: “The idea of taking away a kid’s park is ridiculous.

“There’s a lot of housing development in the area and that will bring a lot of families to the area. This will be the closest park. I think this is short-sighted of Fife Council. I can’t see the justification for getting rid of an outdoor space for children.”

Mr Rennie said many local residents he had spoken to had found the proposal “unbelievable” and urged those interested in helping retain the park to email local councillors.

Alan Bisset, parks development officer, said: “We are reviewing all play parks and preparing a play area strategy to ensure we can provide good quality play areas, within reasonable locations for young people, both now and into the future.

“The strategy is at consultation stage and Craigshannoch play area will continue to be maintained and available for public use until a final decision has been made through consultation with the community. Fife Council has worked with a number of local community groups to refurbish and develop local parks.”

If you would discuss any issues relating to the park, please contact Alan on 03451 555555 Ext. 450489 or e-mail alan.bisset@fife.gov.uk.