Estate agents urged to end pensioners’ misery

Janet and William Samuel at their flat in Abbey Court.
Janet and William Samuel at their flat in Abbey Court.
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A ST Andrews couple are calling for urgent repairs to be carried out to a property they believe is responsible for causing damp in their house.

Janet and William Samuel first noticed the damp in the kitchen cupboard of their council home in Abbey Court more than three years ago.

Since then, Fife Council have been trying to get to the bottom of the problem which they believe is being caused by water coming from the flat above the Samuel’s home.

But despite repeated visits from plumbers, the leak has still not been repaired and the couple have been left to sort out the damage.

“We have been trying to get this sorted out for three years now,” Janet told the Citizen.


“The whole cupboard went black and then we noticed the wall going black above the window in the living room.

“We can see the water coming down the wall, but every time someone from the council came out they said the problem was in the flat upstairs.

“Then someone from the agent for the upstairs flat, McQuittys Solicitors and Estate Agents in Cupar, came out in January with a plumber and we thought they would get it repaired. There was a plumber out six weeks ago and he told us a pipe needed replaced.

“But here we are in May and we have heard nothing since.

‘‘We have a spare bed in the living room but it’s next to the wall that keeps going black.

“We paint over it but it just turns black again.”


Colin Gilbert, from Fife Council, said they hoped the repair work would be carried out once estimates were received.

But he added: “The problem has been gaining access to the private property upstairs.

“We have been liaising with the agent to arrange access and we think the problem is a pipe beneath the floor, so we are waiting for an estimate for the work to be carried out.

“We would expect to pay 50 per cent of the costs provided it meets our requirements. Once we get the plumber and joiner to confirm what work is required we can then give them the go ahead.”

The Citizen contacted the agents but nobody was available to comment.