Estonia links strong in Dunfermline

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Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker has welcomed a special visitor to the town.

Mrs Tiiu Martma, a senior English teacher at the Estonian English College in Tallinn, Estonia recently visited Dunfermline and Edinburgh to learn more about Scotland and develop ideas for further teaching and cultural links. During her visit, she was hosted by Dunfermline MSP, Bill Walker, and his wife.

Mrs Martma commented: “A couple of years ago my daughter, Mari, came to Dunfermline on an International Studies Programme course to improve her own English language teaching skills and build her awareness of Scottish history and culture. She returned to Estonia, enthusing about the historic cities of Dunfermline and Edinburgh and the potential for engaging in English language studies of Scottish geography, history and even exchange visits for school children between our two countries.

“I wanted to explore this possibility for myself and so was very pleased to accept Mr and Mrs Walker’s invitation to visit Dunfermline. I was not disappointed and am returning home armed with many ideas and material for a number of Scottish study projects. In particular, Dunfermline and Culross were fascinating and will form parts of work I have in mind fro my school pupils”.

The SNP MSP thanked Mrs Martma for making this special visit saying: “Mrs Martma met a range of people in Fife and I was able to also take her to the Scottish Parliament for a special tour and to meet a number of people in the modern political world. My wife and I have already visited Estonia ourselves and we look forward to developing further links which already exist at government consular level. Scotland and Estonia have several parallels in their histories and now, with modern direct airlinks, there are many educational, economic and tourism opportunities to be explored between our two countries”.