Euromillions scam hits Kirkcaldy

KIRKCALDY residents are being warned against the latest scam to hit doorsteps, claiming to award the homeowner with a Euromillions win.

Police have warned the public not to respond to letters or e-mailing claiming to offer them prize money, after they were made aware of the scam by a Kirkcaldy resident.

The 73-year-old man received a letter this week claiming to be from Euromillions, telling him he had won a prize of 950,000 euros.

He told the Press: “I knew as soon as I opened the letter it was a scam, but it’s very well worded.

Huge sums

‘‘I can see how others would think it might be real. It plays on people’s greed, because it’s offering a huge amount of money if they call the number and give over their details.

“I don’t know if they are just targeting elderly people, and I don’t know how they get names and addresses, but it’s wrong.”

The letter, which was postmarked from Portugal, is one of hundreds of different scams being sent to people claiming to be from Euromillions or The National Lottery, and asking the recipients to call a number to claim their winnings.

A spokesman from The National Lottery Commission said: “Sadly, Lottery scams like this one which has targeted residents of Kirkcaldy are not uncommon.

No prizes

‘‘Usually they promise a big win and then ask for money, or personal details from the victim in order for them to claim their “prize”.

‘‘There are no prizes and people lose money.

“The UK National Lottery would never ask you to pay a handling fee to collect your prize, or to disclose personal information.

“We always advise that letters like this should not be responded to and that under no circumstances should money or personal information be sent.

‘‘Everyone has been amazed by the recent news of Colin and Chris Weir’s £161m EuroMillions win, but don’t forget that if you haven’t bought a ticket you haven’t won. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.”