Everyone a winner off park

Action from Raith v Celtic
Action from Raith v Celtic
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It was the biggest football match in Kirkcaldy for many a year and proved to be one to remember - despite the scoreline!

Raith Rovers took on Celtic in the William Hill Scottish Cup and though they lost 3-0 it was a day that everyone enjoyed no matter who they were supporting.

Fans and officials have been praised in the aftermath whilst those unlucky enough not to have a ticket packed the town’s pubs to watch.

Eric Dryesdale, Rovers’ director, applauded those who were working behind the scenes, calling them “unsung heroes” who were “stretched to the extreme”.

He said: “With an event of this scale there are numerous challenges around both the preparation, and the day of the event itself. It’s a huge compliment to all of our staff that the day seems to have gone off without any material problems.

“Throw in a major BBC outside broadcast, which is a significant logistical challenge in itself, and it should be appreciated that our team has successfully pulled off probably the biggest sporting and media event Kirkcaldy has ever seen.”

Bob Farmer, Rovers’ safety officer, reported only two arrests, saying the behaviour of both set of fans was “excellent”, whilst British Transport Police said there were “no issues” to report on any of the trains heading in and out of town.

Inspector Jim Geddes of Fife Police praised the supporters and locals, saying: “We are grateful for the patience shown by local residents in putting up with this inconvenience. The large crowd took heed of advice to arrive early and there were no issues in getting them into the ground.”

Celtic fan Kieran Psyl was part of the crowd saying: “I spoke to a few Celtic fans before the match and they were all really enjoying themselves.”

Grant Livingston, manager of Styx reported that business was booming both before and after the match.

“It was a great day,” he said. “We were really busy in the morning then again afterwards where we had laid on buses.

“There was supporters from both sides in and there was no trouble at all. It was a great, friendly atmosphere.”