Exercise regime helps Emma ‘turn life around’

Emma Black
Emma Black
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A GLENROTHES teenager has stepped back into her dancing shoes after overcoming a dangerous spinal condition.

Emma Black was a normal pre-teenage girl until the age of 12 when she was diagnosed with a severe curve in her spine and told she needed an operation to save her mobility.

She was left devastated, and, with very few options, the Black family had almost agreed to the brutal surgery when they discovered an exercise routine which has drastically changed the teenager’s prognosis.

Emma has always been very active throughout her life and was passionate about dancing until her mother started to notice that her shoulder blade was protruding on one side.

She had also begun to experience severe pain down one side of her back and was struggling to keep up with friends at her dance class.

This was very unusual for Emma as she had always been full of energy.

In a state of panic, Emma’s mother made an emergency appointment to see the family GP who immediately gave Emma a devastating diagnosis.

The teenager was told that she had a condition called scoliosis, which means curvature of the spine. The family were told that she would be referred to a specialist but that it was likely to be a three-month wait.

Emma said: “I was so upset when I was told about my spine. I had always loved dancing and I was getting really good. When I was told that the dancing and certain movements would put more pressure on my spine and it was something I should consider giving up, I was devastated.”

In a desperate last attempt to find a miracle, Emma and her family started to search the Internet for alternative treatments.

It was around this time she discovered the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London.Founded and run by Erika Maude, who has scoliosis.

It is the only clinic in the world to offer treatment following the ScolioGold method, which is the combination of internationally renowned non-surgical treatments. Emma was booked onto a four week treatment course and her whole family were overwhelmed with the results that she achieved.

Within weeks her condition dramatically improved - she was no longer getting short of breath when doing exercise and her pain disappeared. Emma learned a set of exercises which strengthened the muscles surrounding her spine and it meant her scoliosis stabilised.

She also made huge improvements to her cosmetic appearance and learned that her condition would not ruin her life if she kept up the exercises. Since completing a course of ScolioGold treatment, Emma (13) has returned home and been ableto go back to her classes.

She said: “I am so relieved to get back to what I love. I really didn’t want to have surgery. Dancing and performing are my life. I am so glad I found these exercises - they have completely turned my life around.”