Expand rail network before upgrades ...

The LMRC team with Cllr Lesley Laird
The LMRC team with Cllr Lesley Laird

Campaigners fighting to re-instate the Levenmouth rail link have expressed their annoyance and anger that money is to be spent on costly main line upgradings rather than on expanding the network to more inaccessible areas.

A number of Levenmouth residents took to social media to express their frustration in response to a national press report that “a deal to cut train journeys from Scotland to London to three hours by bringing high-speed rail north of the Border is in the offing between the UK and Scottish governments.”

Allen Armstrong, secretary of the LevenMouth Rail Campaign (LMRC), said: “What is the point in cutting journey time by a few minutes when significant sections of the country in particular, Levenmouth and the East Neuk are not connected to the national network at all, meaning any rail journey to or from these parts is complicated and time-consuming?

“There is also frustration at the news that the deadline for submission of the STAG Report on the Thornton-Leven line has been pushed back by at least a month to September. On the positive side, LMRC has now engaged two different consultants to help with political lobbying and media.

“Although our volunteers are active, we need to gear up at this critical stage.”

He said that a constructive meeting had been held between members of LMRC and Fife Council’s deputy leader, Lesley Laird, who had confirmed that the Thornton-Leven rail link was a top transport priority for the council.

An action committee meeting will be held on Wednesday at FRICS from 5.30pm, and LMRC plans to run a stall at Silverburn Festival on Saturday, when volunteers to collect petition signatures would be appreciated.

For more information on forthcoming events, contact (01592) 713078, email lmrc@mail.com or visit the group’s Facebook page.