Exploring the Kingdom’s ghostly past this Hallowe’en: Green Jeanie of Balgonie

Raymond Stuart, Laird of Balgonie, at his 'haunted' castle.
Raymond Stuart, Laird of Balgonie, at his 'haunted' castle.

Balgonie Castle is apparently home to many ghosts – but its most famous spirit by far is the ‘Green Lady’or Green Jeanie.

The hooded spectre, who was “recorded in 1842 as being a well-known phantom,” is still very much a resident in the castle to this day, said Laird of Balgonie, Raymond Stuart.

“She’s a pea green colour and walks behind the windows,” he said. “Always from left to right, never from right to left, funnily enough.”

The story goes that Green Jeanie is Mary, a young daughter of an early Laird of Balgonie, who was courting a local lad despite disapproval from her family.

Their preferred – and more aristocratic – candidate fatally stabbed the young upstart but, before he died, the local lad had enough energy to stab his attacker in return.

Mary later stumbled across their bodies and, much like in Shakespeare’s Tempest, died immediately from shock.

Now she haunts Balgonie Castle alongside other spirits, including the ghost of a 17th century soldier and the spirit of a dog.

“We’ve been here 28 years now and seen her,” said the current laird.

“She, like our other ghosts, are there for a few seconds and then they are gone. They’re quite friendly, they don’t bother us,” he joked.