Extra charging points for electric vehicles in Fife

An electric car charging station
An electric car charging station

A number of new charging points are set to be created in car parks in Fife – despite there being just nine privately-owned electric cars in the kingdom.

However, with expectations being the number of electric cars on the roads will increase in the coming years, Fife Council believes there is a need to put a network of charging points in place.

It’s also bringing in a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to ensure parking bays with charging points are restricted for use by electric vehicles only.

The Scottish Government is providing the funding for charging points and, until 2016, electric car owners can charge their vehicles for free.

New charging point locations include at the Esplanade multi-storey car park in Kirkcaldy. The town already has charging points in the Thistle Street car park and the railway station car park at Whyte Melville Road.

At this week’s executive committee meeting, where the plans for additional charging points were approved, Councillor Mark Hood questioned the number being created.

He said: “Forty six spaces for nine vehicles seems excessive, unless you’re telling us there is going to be a significant increase in the number of electric cars in the next few years.”

Dr Bob McLellan, head of transportation services, said he couldn’t give any assurances on the numbers increasing, but he suggested car manufacturers wouldn’t be putting millions into developing electric vehicles if they didn’t expect the numbers being sold to increase.

He also added it was important to put a charging network in place, saying: “People wouldn’t go out in their petrol-driven cars if their were no petrol stations – we need to get the charging network in place first.”