Extra seating for new pool’s cafe after safety concerns

The main pool at the new leisure centre
The main pool at the new leisure centre

Extra ground floor seating is to be provided in the cafe in Kirkcaldy’s new state of the art leisure centre following concerns over health and safety.

Pool users had to carry their food up 28 steps - leading to worries people could fall and be injured while carrying hot drinks.

The cafe area

The cafe area

Concerns were expressed to the Press by several people, and raised with councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of the area committee, over the decision to put the snack bar downstairs, but the seating upstairs in the newly opened £15m sports centre.

Fife Council has now said it will put in more seats downstairs.

It plans to install additional seating near the deep end of the pool and the ground floor reception area which can be used by cafe customers.

Local man Leslie Mitchell told The Press: “We watched as an elderly gentleman struggled up the stairs with two coffees and two soups on a tray.

‘‘This can not be acceptable in this day and age where no thought has gone into the health and safety aspect.

‘‘Why on earth would an architect draw up plans for a brand new building with a flight of stairs separating the seating from the cafe?”

Another local Charles Begg said: “Surely someone when checking the plans would have noticed the unusual configuration of service counter and seating area.

‘‘They are separated by a flight of 28 steps! Carrying a tray with hot drinks up a long flight of stairs with perhaps a child in tow might possibly be hazardous.”

Councillor Crooks said the work would be done in the next few weeks. He said: “I have talked to the relevant Council and Trust officers regarding this issue and clearly the additional seating near the deep end of the pool will be helpful and will be completed in the next couple of weeks.”

Andy MacLellan, Fife Council sports partnership manager, said: “The cafe facility has been well received by the majority of customers.

‘‘Additional seating is already planned for the building, both in the viewing area at the deep end of the main pool and the ground floor reception area, which can be used by cafe customers.

“For those who are less mobile but would still like to use the upstairs seating area there is also a lift that can be used. The café only serves in takeaway beverage cups with lids to reduce the risk of spillage.”