Eyes have it for Mary

Mary and Julia.
Mary and Julia.

ST ANDREWS pensioner Mary Gibson is counting her blessings after recovering from a cancerous tumour spotted by an eagle-eyed optician.

The 72-year-old visited her local Specsavers for a routine eye examination, having no clue that she had a tumour in her right eye.

Mary was diagnosed with malignant choroidal melanoma which could have resulted in the loss of her eye if left untreated.

She told the Citizen: ‘‘I was just going for my regular eye test and had no idea that something so serious was wrong.’

However, when optometrist Julia Campbell tested Mary’s eyes she immediately suspected a serious problem and referred her to Queen Margaret’s Hospital in Dunfermline for further tests.


Mary was then referred to Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow where she was treated using a radioactive disc which was attached onto her eye.

She added: ‘I’m so happy to be back to full health and I’m very grateful to Julia for her professionalism.

‘‘I would like to advise people to take the time and take advantage of the free eye tests which, after all, has saved my sight.’’

Julia Campbell said: ‘‘Although conditions like Mrs Gibson’s are rare, her experience really does demonstrate the importance of regular eye examinations.

‘‘An eye exam can show us so much more than whether someone needs glasses – the eyes can be a window to your general health and can warn of other conditions including glaucoma, diabetes and, in a small number of cases, more serious issues like Mrs Gibson’s.

‘‘ We are delighted to hear she has made a full recovery and wish her all the best.’