Facility offers new counselling service

Homelands Trust-Fife in Lundin Links (picture by Steven Brown)
Homelands Trust-Fife in Lundin Links (picture by Steven Brown)

A new service is being offered at an estabished local health and wellbeing facility which, it’s hoped, will enhance its caring reputation even more.

From today (Wednesday), the Stop and Talk Fife service is providing a weekly counsellor at the Homelands Trust-Fife’s Paxton Centre in Lundin Links.

Counsellor Sylvia Hillman from Stop and Talk

Counsellor Sylvia Hillman from Stop and Talk

The sessions are due to take place on Wednesdays from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. and are likely to accommodate three people for 40-50 minutes each.

Development co-ordinator Dave Paton said anyone interested could contact the Homelands office to discuss an appointment, with the service seeking to help people with any issues of stress or difficulty which run parallel with long-term disability.

Stop and Talk Fife is a counselling service, led by director Sylvia Hillman and with premises in Anstruther and St Andrews, for individuals who would like to ‘stop’ for a moment and think about themselves, reflect and consider an opportunity to change, establish meaning, while making sense of and exploring personal experiences.

To ‘talk’ can help healing and affirm psychological wellbeing.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help people deal with a variety of issues

Kelly Bee, the counsellor, is a wheelchair user herself and has first-hand experience of difficult access problems, stress and anxiety that disability can often accompany.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help people deal with a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety, loss, depression, abuse, or feeling unable to cope, and often help the client make effective changes in their lives which can enhance wellbeing.

Benefits can include a greater degree of self-awareness and understanding of yourself and others.

This improves self-esteem and becomes reflective in your personal relationships.

You can feel better about yourself and who you are, while working towards a clear direction and gaining confidence in the process.

Bookings will be discreet and treated with confidentiality, with proceeds going to the Homelands charity.

Homelands itself aims to boost the quality of life of people affected by disability through top-quality holiday accommodation and optional supportive day services.

It allows people affected by a range of debilitating long-term conditions (including their family, friends and carers) to have a holiday or a break from normal daily living.

The Homelands estate has four luxurious accessible cottages alongside the drop-in Paxton Centre, a flexible use venue with therapy and meeting rooms, and a new cafe, among other features.

Call the Homelands Trust-Fife office on 01333 329039 or info@homelands-fife.co.uk to arrange a counselling session or for details on any other events.

Two more presentations are coming soon to the Paxton Centre.

On April 23, from noon to 1.20pm, Vicki Bennett, a community dietitian with the food and health team based at Cameron Hospital in

Windygates, is due to give a talk on food and diet. As well as giving information on long-term health conditions and disability, Vicki will be looking at all the food groups and their role in health and wellbeing. Also under discussion will be portion control, which will include interaction from the group, plus a cooking demonstration, including a taste test for the participants.

On April 29 at 1.30pm, Peter Scobie is giving a talk on personal alarms and their different uses, safety in the home, personal safety and ICE (In Case of Emergency).