Fairground attraction

St Andrews;'Lammas Market'photo; WALTER NEILSON
St Andrews;'Lammas Market'photo; WALTER NEILSON

One of the most popular events on the St Andrews social calendar, the Lammas fair and market, returned to the town this week.

The event is billed as Scotland’s oldest surviving mediaeval street fair and in recent years it has benefited from the the addition of a continental market selling food from around the world.

Market Street was the focus for the first three days of the fair with stalls set up alongside busy fairground rides that entertained many young children over the weekend.


By Monday, South Street had also been transformed as crowds turned out to enjoy a mix of some bigger, louder fairground attractions as well as more stalls selling everything from mobile phone covers to fishing rods.

And while some of the showmen and traders reported poor takings on the stalls and rides on South Street, initial reaction to the continental market was more positive.

Fife Council’s parks and community events officer, Keith Jackson, said: “I had some good feedback at the continental market from both the organisers and the customers.

“It would appear the footfall has been good but we will have to wait to see the figures. On Sunday I noticed a shop that was queued out the door and I don’t think that would happen too often on a Sunday.

“There were no significant problems this year, just the usual small issues here and there that you always get with such a large event.”

Shar Norton, one of the organisers of the continental market, said this year’s layout with the stalls facing the shops had worked well for everyone.


“It’s been very successful,” she explained.

“The continental market has been here for four years now and we are happy to be back. We have been well received and we have some regular customers now.

“This year we had a Dutch flower market which has brought in people from nearby.

“I think we have found our home here on Market Street with the stalls facing the shops as it looks like everyone is busy which is what we all want.”