Families wait while house remains empty

Ian Scott outside the vacant Fife Council property in Rothes Road.
Ian Scott outside the vacant Fife Council property in Rothes Road.

A Glenrothes councillor has claimed Fife Council has allowed a property to lay empty for seven months while hundreds of families remain on housing lists.

SNP councillor Fiona Grant has criticised the local authority for not finding suitable occupants for a property in Rothes Road, Leslie.

The semi-detached house has been modified to accommodate wheelchair users, however, no suitable tenants have been found.

Mrs Grant said:“ The house has major adaptations to help the previous tenants and the Council has tried to find new tenants who need the same adaptations. No-one argues with any of that.

“The question I need answered is how long is it reasonable to keep a family house empty while hoping a suitable tenant applies?

“Local families, like Ian Scott’s, tell me that seven months is too long.

“I know that the housing team in Glenrothes North is usually one of the best in Fife at getting houses re-let but this is a huge blot on their copy-book.”

John Mills, housing access and support said: “Under normal circumstances this property would have been re-let within four weeks. However, this house has a specific adaptation.”

“This property has been rejected by three separate households who have a physical disability.

“If this latest offer is rejected, we will remove the lift and reinstate the property as soon as possible so that it can be re-let to a family who need a three-bed property.”