Family overwhelemed by support for Edie’s campaign

Two-year-old Edie with her mum and dad and sister Annie
Two-year-old Edie with her mum and dad and sister Annie

A Kirkcaldy couple say they’re amazed at the response to a campaign to have an aeroplane named after their daughter who died tragically young.

Two-year-old Edie Murphy passed away on October 16 after she had been rushed to hospital with a fever and was suffering from convulsions.

Edie was so special to us and it seems she’s touched everybody

Her shattered parents Tom (32) and Cheryl (31) have now joined in a competition with holiday firm Thomson to have one of their holiday jets named after Edie and their campaign has now amassed an incredible 123,000 votes and has been trending on Twitter with the hashtag #FlyHighEdie.

Speaking to the Press, Edie’s mum Cheryl (31), a former clerical assistant at Fife Council, said that the family has been overwhelmed by the public’s reaction, with some votes coming from as far away as Australia.

“It’s just gone nuts.

“We started the campaign last Saturday and thought that if we got 5000 votes that would be great, but we didn’t expect anything like this.

“I think that with Edie being so young as well that everybody feels it that bit more.”

Edie had been suffering from flu but hadn’t been getting any worse.

But on October 9 she broke out into a fever and began to fit. She was rushed to the Victoria Hospital before being transferred to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

Tom and Cheryl were then told that she wouldn’t recover and she passed away on the morning of October 16.

Cheryl, who gave birth to baby daughter Annie four months ago, revealed that they had been set to move to Leeds when Edie took ill, adding to the family’s nightmare.

“The move was supposed to happen during the week when Edie was poorly and we’ve had to move out since,” she said.

“We’re between houses at the moment until we go down to Leeds this week - we’ve been homeless for the last while!

“We’ve been staying with family in Fife, so it’s been a bit of a crazy time.

She added that the family was taking strength for the support they’ve received since the campaign’s launch.

“I can’t believe the reaction, we’re totally amazed.

“Obviously Edie was so, so special to us abut it seems as though she’s touched everybody. We’ve had lots of lovely messages from people.

“It’s been the most difficult time but this campaign it’s given us something positive to focus on.

“Our whole world has fallen apart but some good has come out of it

“We’re so grateful to everybody who’s voted for Edie and has been sharing on Facebook.”

You can vote at There’s no registration needed, just go to the page and click ‘Vote!’ before November 16.