Family’s anguish as police search for missing Allan Bryant draws another blank

Police have now concluded a three day search of woodland close to the Secret Bunker tourist attraction
Police have now concluded a three day search of woodland close to the Secret Bunker tourist attraction

The family of missing Glenrothes man Allan Bryant have spoken of their agony after a three-day search of woodland in north east Fife drew a blank.

Police with specially trained sniffer dogs have now finished a detailed search of a wooded area close to the ‘Secret Bunker’ - a former cold war military facility near St Andrews, now a tourist attraction.

The search, which was triggered after the family passed on new information that they had received via social media to police, has failed to throw up any new leads as the investigation into the whereabouts of Allan continues.

The missing man’s father, Allan Bryant Snr, said the last three days had proved a “complete nightmare” as hopes were raised – then dashed – of finding his son.

“Myself and my family have been sick with worry for days thinking ‘is this the moment we finally find Allan?’; the stress has been almost unbearable,” he said.

“We are all devastated that the search has not resulted in anything positive, it’s a set back and another dead end but we have to carry on, we must keep this going, we will never stop until we bring Allan home.”

Allan Bryant, 23-years-old at the time of his disappearance, has not been seen since leaving Styx nightclub in Glenrothes in the early hours of November 3, 2013.

And despite Mr Bryant’s previous unhappiness over the way the police have handled the investigation, he said he has been happy with the way investigating officers have reacted to this latest line of enquiry.

“We are completely happy with everything the police have done over the last few days, they have not left anything to chance, have reacted fully to everything we passed on to them and we can’t fault their determination,”

And Mr Bryant added that the increased media coverage of the search had resulted in a number of calls to police and the family with possible new information.

“We’ve received a number of calls from the public with new information, which is really encouraging, we know that one of these will one day lead us to Allan so we must remain positive.”