Family’s emotional appeal to missing Glenrothes man

Alan Bryant snr and Marie Degan at their home in Glenrothes.
Alan Bryant snr and Marie Degan at their home in Glenrothes.

The family of missing Glenrothes man Allan Bryant have made an emotional renewed appeal for their son to return home in time for Christmas.

Allan Bryant Snr told the Gazette he just wants his son back and that, if he returns, the issue of his disapearance will be “forgotten about”.

Allan Bryant Jnr

Allan Bryant Jnr

He said: “Allan, if you are out there, son, at all, and you are reading this and you’re safe and well, don’t be embarrassed to come back home. Get in touch. Please just come back home to me and your mum.

“All will be forgotten about, just come back.”

The tearful plea comes seven agonising weeks since their son Allan was last seen leaving Styx nightclub at 2.02 a.m. on Sunday, November 3.

Despite an extensive police operation and continued search of the new town, which has included a police helicopter and specialist underwater search teams, no trace of Allan, or clue to his whereabouts, have been found.

The family are bracing themselves for the worst but still hold a glimmer of hope that, while the search continues, their son may still return.

“If he’d wandered off and injured himself, he’d have been found by now. It’s winter and the woods and areas have been well searched,” 
said Mr Bryant.

“If he’d been involved in a fight, he’d have been found in the street. I have a feeling other people are involved in Allan’s disappearance.

“He did like his parties and liked a drink like any young boy his age, but he wasn’t involved in any trouble of any sort.

“I actually think he’s gone back to someone’s flat or house and taken something and something bad has happened and he’s been got rid of.”

Allan’s mum Marie Degan added: “Maybe there’s been a fight or an accident, I’ve known the worst now since the Monday we reported him missing. I just knew something wasn’t right.

And Allan’s parents are still at a loss to understand their son’s disappearance, adding that the incident is “totally out of character”.

“He’s the sort of boy that always comes home after a night out. He always phones or texts, there’s always something on Facebook. I know all about his night out before he gets in.

“He cannot vanish without any of his pals knowing. He went out with £11 in his pocket to go for a couple of pints at an engagement party in Styx,” said Mr Bryant Snr.

Miss Degan added: “We know he hasn’t run away – we’ve talked to all of his pals. His furthest away pals are in Glasgow and we know he hasn’t gone there.

“Allan has always enjoyed Christmas. He’d be out partying with his mates. He’d always be here to open presents with his sisters, whom he is very close to.

While the family continue to wait for news of their son, many within the community continue to do their bit to help .

Over 60,000 missing persons posters have been distributed around the town and in towns throughout Fife.

And the family have now collected around £1000 in donations that they plan to offer as a reward for information on their son’s whereabouts.

“The Glenrothes community has been awesome. The support we’ve had, honestly has been incredible.

“I’m a proud and private person but the help we’ve had from the public, we can’t thank them enough. Allan was well liked,” said Mr Bryant Snr.

But as time goes on, the strain on the missing man’s parents is understandable and clear to see.

“We are just trying to cope with it all but every day is a struggle, not knowing what happened to him and being in limbo for six weeks now,” said a tearful Miss Degan.

“What if we never find him? What if we never get any answers? That’s my biggest fear.

“The best outcome for me would be that there was no one else involved; that he’s wandered off somewhere and it’s been an accident.

“We want him found, regardless of what has happened. The fact we’ve had no closure to this is the worst thing about this. We’re not looking forward to bad news but we’re prepared for that. Having no news at all is the hardest thing to deal with,” she added.

The police say they continue the search for Allan and have appealed for anyone with any information to contact them in confidence.

Police will continue their search

Glenrothes Police Commander, Chief Inspector Derek McEwan, has been overseeing the search for missing Allan.

He said an extensive team of officers and detectives has been working on the missing persons case and will continue to do so.

He added: “Throughout this investigation, nothing has been found which would indicate Allan has been the victim of any criminality at the hands of others.

“We are aware of rumours among the community about individuals who may have wished some harm to have come to Allan, but these have all been thoroughly investigated and there is absolutely no substance to these rumours.

“The only thing we are certain about is that Allan left Styx nightclub in apparently good spirits, walked away on his own and has failed to return home to his family.

“Again, I would ask the community and anyone who knew Allan to think of anything from Allan’s past which may assist Police Scotland in focusing their resources.

“Has he disappeared before? Has he previously wandered off when under the influence of alcohol and fallen asleep somewhere?

“We will continue our efforts to trace Allan but the public must realise that, since Allan went missing over six weeks ago, nothing has been established by the police which would indicate Allan has been the victim of a criminal act which has led to his disappearance.

“If anyone has any information surrounding the whereabouts of Allan or any information which may assist Police Scotland in locating him, please telephone the police on 101.”