Family urge caution on Fife road after second cat killed


A Glenrothes family have urged drivers to slow down on a major road, after two of their cats were hit and killed.

Joanne McGuigan’s five-year-old cat Arnie was struck and killed on Cadham Road this week, leaving her grandchildren “devastated”.

It is the second time one of Ms McGuigan’s cats have been killed along the road.

She claims that the speed humps installed on the road are having no effect on speeding drivers, who are ignoring the 30mph limit.

She has urged Fife Council to cut the limit to 20mph and install other traffic calming measures.

“There has always been issues but with the number of cars coming through,” Ms McGuigan told the Gazette.

“The speed humps do nothing – unless it’s a lowered car.”

As well as losing her two cats, Ms McGuigan, who lives on Cadham Crescent, is concerned for the safety of children who play nearby.

Her daughter, Alyx Pierce, said drivers were using the road as a “race track” and urged those using the road to slow down.

She said: “People are not sticking to the 30mph speed limit on the road.

“It’s been going on for a while – long before the speed humps were installed.

“You can go over them at any speed. Now I’ve got two devastated children. It was a much-loved cat.

“I just want to make people aware that this is a 30mph road. People need to be more cautious.

“I think the council has put more signage up, but it doesn’t make a difference. People are just ignoring the signs.”

Lead consultant Phil Clarke commented: “As with most roads in Fife, the majority of drivers are abiding by the speed limit on Cadham Road and so we would not be considering a change to the speed limit.

“Unfortunately a minority of drivers do choose to ignore speed limits.

“We would urge people to report such behaviour to Police Scotland by phoning 101,” he added.