Famous walker slept under Kinghorn railway bridge

Eddie Craven (left) meets Derek Davidson in Kinghorn
Eddie Craven (left) meets Derek Davidson in Kinghorn

A former soldier who starred on BBC and ITV news thanks to his epic coastal walk around Great Britain has proved a hit with locals.

In fact, when Eddie Craven reached Kinghorn last Wednesday night, it’s fair to say one lady was left with a rather memorable impression of him!

“He was sleeping rough beneath a sheet under Kinghorn railway bridge, explained Derek Davidson (55).

“A woman walking her dog found him and got a bit of a fright - she really thought she’d stumbled across a body!”

She sought help from Derek and his Fife Council colleague, Gary Davidson (51), who were working nearby.

“I roused the guy up - he was in a bit of a deep sleep - and he was startled,” said Derek.

“I bought him a pie and bridie from Stuart’s and he was chuffed to bits.

“A nicer man you couldn’t meet. Very well spoken.”

Eddie, who is walking the entire coast of Great Britain to raise funds for charity Veterans’ Aid began his journey in Exeter on August 26.

The 39-year-old took on the challenge to “tackle the demons” of and raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - a condition which has affected him since finishing active service in Bosnia and Northern Ireland.

Sleeping rough on the 11,000 mile route, the plucky athlete has already met extreme weather conditions, even tornadoes.

But he reached Kinghorn on Wednesday night and continued his route north past Kirkcaldy towards the East Neuk the following day.

He chose to raise funds for the “amazing and unsung” ex-servicemen and women’s charity because there were “many more in the same boat” as himself.

The charity provides more than 20,000 nights of accommodation to homeless veterans at its drop-in centre near Victoria Station in London.

“From there, begins a long and often painful path to regain their self-esteem, and to reintegrate into the community which many served bravely to protect,” said Eddie.

Support Eddie’s journey online

People can follow Eddie’s progress and make a donation to Veterans’ Aid online through his website: www.justgiving.com/Eddie-Coast

“Veterans’ Aid is doing all they can to get people back on their feet, fed, clothed, accommodated and stabilised at their hostel and treated for whatever is wrong with them,“ explained Eddie.

“Some of them are slightly depressed, others are very seriously ill.”