Fans rally to save postponed Comic Con

The organisers of Dunfermline Comic Con have launched an online fundraiser to try to cover costs after the event fell victim to the horrendous weather.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 4:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 7:37 pm
Sinead Grainger, co-organiser of Dunfermline Comic Con
Sinead Grainger, co-organiser of Dunfermline Comic Con

Scheduled for Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline on Saturday, it was cancelled late on Thursday.

The venue, and the roads leading to it, were deemed unsafe as the Kingdom continues to battle the worst winter storms in years.

The organisers, Alby, Louise and Sinead Grainger family, say they are devastated and crushed by the cancellation.

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Nine months of planning went into the event which was set to draw big crowds to the pavilion.

The Comic Con was a not-for-profit event, and the last minute cancellation has left the organisers facing ‘‘emotional and financial turmoil.’’

Fans who bought tickets and left email addresses have been contacted with a personal message from the organisers.

A statement on their Crowdfunding page said: ‘‘Liittle Shop Of Heroes have already spent a huge amount of money organising and marketing the event and none of that money is recoverable. Very often the least expensive option is the one which is not refundable and we always strive to maximise the charity donation.

‘‘We have to pay back the vendors and ticket holders for payments they have made in good faith, in addition to honouring our commitment to Books For Schools and any invoices for services rendered still to come.

‘‘We need your help. ‘‘‘

Within two hours of going live, the appeal was close to touching the first £1000 of its £20,000 target.

To donate please visit: ComicCon