Fatal crashes in Fife double in a year

Pic Lisa FergusonPic Lisa Ferguson
Pic Lisa Ferguson
The number of fatal crashes on Fife roads has doubled over the past year, according to the latest figures.

A total of ten people lost their lives – up from five in 2017.

But police stressed to councillors they were making roads safer, despite the figures.

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The data was revealed in a report to Fife Council’s environmental, protective services and community safety dommittee,.

Despite the increase, the long term trend has seen a reduction of 20 per cent since 1994 when there were 30 deaths.

There has also been a reduction of 40 per cent since 1986 when 50 people lost their lives in road traffic accidents.

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Councillor Ross Vettriano, committee convenor, said that the long term data was promising.

He added: “The numbers won’t reduce in a straight line each year, but we are seeing a long term trend in reducing casualties.”

The committee was told that 29 per cents of deaths were due to drivers failing to look properly, 21 per cent were down to a failure to judge speed correctly, and 12 per cent invovled a loss of contr4l of the vehicle.

Almost 100 people were also seriously injured last year, and more than 320 people slightly injured.

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Councillor David Graham said: “We should never be complacent. One fatality on Fife roads is one too many.”

Chief Inspector Adrian Annandale said: “We know that road safety is a priority to communities throughout Fife, and I want to assure the public that it remains a priority to us.

Statistics are important to recognise as, behind every single number, is a person and a family affected.

“We aim to keep on reducing casualties on Fife roads, whether by our road policing officers carrying out enforcement activity or our local officers carrying out education at, and around, schools.”