Fears grow for Kirkcaldy girl Mia's safety as MP steps in

Justiyna and Mia NoglyJustiyna and Mia Nogly
Justiyna and Mia Nogly
Local Kirkcaldy MP Roger Mullin has stepped in to the case of Mia Nogly, the four-year-old whom her mother claims has been abducted by her father and taken to Poland.

More than two weeks after Mia Nogly was taken to Poland, her mother is still fighting to get her home, amid fears for the child’s safety.

Justiyna Nogly has now spent a week in Poland trying to get Mia back, and local MP Roger Mullin has stepped in to the case.

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“My staff have been in direct contact with the family of Mia Nogly every day since the case was brought to my attention late last week,” Mr Mullin said, adding: “ I have been liaising with various authorities, including the Procurator Fiscal’s office in Kirkcaldy and the office of the Lord Advocate.

“I will continue to explore all avenues available to ensure that the matter is speedily resolved,” he promised

Justiyna (32) and her partner Derek Miller (54) claim Mia was abducted by her father Thomasz during an access weekend with the child, and taken to Poland, using another child’s passport.

Despite going to Poland with all the relevant paperwork to bring Mia home, Derek says that Justiyna has been refused access to her, and he fears for the wee girl’s safety.

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“When Justiyna went to collect Mia on Tuesday, Thomasz refused to let anybody into the house – now they are having to go back to court in Poland to get documents to allow the use of force to get the wee one from him,” Derek recounted yesterday (Wednesday).

“I fear for Mia’s safety.

“Justiyna is in bits – she keeps meeting stumbling block after stumbling block.

“She is standing there with the paperwork to say that she has rights to the child but isn’t getting anywhere.

“It has cost her thousands and thousands of pounds, but now she is being told that it is not worth the paper it’s written on,” Derek added, recalling: “Mia has never been out of her sight for more than 24 hours since she was born.”

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Derek repeated his claim that if Police Scotland the Procurator Fiscal’s office had acted more promptly after Mia’s disappearance was reported, the current situation would never have arisen.

“We feel Police Scotland shouldbe held accountable for the delay in finding Mia,” he said, claiming a lack of urgency on the force’s part.

Last week a Crown Office spokesman confirmed: “The Procurator Fiscal has received a report concerning an 35-year-old male.

“The report is under consideration and further inquiries are ongoing to establish the full background.”

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Yesterday the spokesman added: “We remain in regular contact with the solicitor for Ms Nogly and have confirmed we are taking appropriate steps to investigate a number of alleged offences.

“However, as with all cases we do not comment in detail on the steps being taken if to do so would prejudice our investigation.”

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