Fears over care homes

A  Southern Cross group care home
A Southern Cross group care home

A CARE home provider with seven homes in Fife may have to close 200 of its facilities nationwide.

Southern Cross, which runs Adam House in Dysart and Chapel Level in Broom Gardens, is struggling to cope with a rising rent bill and cuts in funding from the public sector.

The firm need to find £100m to ease their struggles and landlords have been asked to agree to a four month deferral of 30 per cent of the current rent charge with effect from June 1.

The GMB union fears the company’s plight could result in job cuts and the prospect of elderly and infirm residents losing their homes across the country.

Barry Fletcher, the trade union’s Scotland organiser, said: “The situation at Southern Cross is very serious.

“People playing politics, profits and interest rates with the welfare of 31,000 elderly and vulnerable residents who have served this country all their lives is totally out of order.


“It is a modern outrage made even worse as there are also 44,000 jobs at stake.

“The 750 plus care homes run by Southern Cross, including the 45 in central and east of Scotland, are not factories that are failing from lack of demand but are an essential part of every community which now face ruin due to the combination of privatisation and private equity.”

Other Southern Cross homes in Fife include three in Glenrothes, one in Dunfermline and one in Methil.

Southern Cross has said it is looking for an investor to help it resolve its cash crisis, which has been caused by a combination of public spending cuts and a rising rent bill to its landlords.