Fears raised over safety near Paxton Nursery

Pavement and grass verge at Methilhaven Road looking down to Paxton Nursery.
Pavement and grass verge at Methilhaven Road looking down to Paxton Nursery.
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A Methil resident has called on Fife Council to take action after concerns about the safety of children and young people near to their home.

The resident, who lives close to Paxton Nursery, has complained about the state of the pavement and grass verge leading down to the child care facility.

The resident told the Mail they first became aware of the problem in 2012, but no action has been taken since then.

They said: “At the entrance to the nursery from Methilhaven Road, the road comes to a dead end and the pavement is partly collapsed. A woman actually fell last week, and there are a lot of youngsters coming along here every day.”

They said the Council had given a figure of £10,000 to install a set of steps to the nursery from Methilhaven Road, but it was unable to fund the job.

“With this health and safety situation, something needs to be done. It’s particularly dangerous for the kids going down to the nursery.”

Heather Pozzi, head teacher at Paxton, said she was aware that parents used the verge to get to the nursery, but would ask them not to.

“The parents are really using that as a shortcut, but I would discourage them from doing so, as it’s coming right down to an access road/lay-by area,” she said.

“If the Council were to install steps I don’t think it would be simple, as they would have to re-route the pavement, or remove the lay-by or disabled parking spot.”

Dave Paterson, area services manager for Levenmouth, confirmed repairs would be carried out on the broken pavement this week. Regarding steps to Paxton Nursery, he said: “There was a request from a resident to have steps built to connect on to the road entrance from the higher level path – there was a feasibility carried out and an indicative cost procured. The costs were prohibitively high and the project was not progressed.” Mr Paterson concurred with Ms Pozzi that parents should look for an alternative route.