FEAT: Come and tell us what you think

Silverburn Estate
Silverburn Estate

FIFE Employment Access Trust (FEAT) is throwing its doors open to the public so residents get the chance to scrutinise its plans for Silverburn Park.

The Leven park is highly thought of in the area but there was some concern when the Trust was selected by Fife Council to take over the management of the facility that it could lead to the public being denied access.

FEAT has always stated this will not be the case and has now set up a series of community engagement meetings across Levenmouth to explain the detail of its proposals.

The first of those will take place in Carberry House, Leven on January 17, from 6pm-8pm.

FEAT’s general manager, Duncan Mitchell, explained: “We have already generated enough ideas to fill the park several times over – what we aim to achieve from this first workshop is a narrowed-down shortlist that has the backing of the community, and we also want local people to support us to deliver these ideas and get actively involved in shaping the future direction of the park.

“Our only stipulation is that everything that is taken forward has a direct link to improved health and wellbeing for the entire community.”

FEAT will run at least one more follow-up workshop and will have a steady flow of events throughout the year to keep the community both involved and updated on developments.

In addition to the ‘wellbeing’ focus, FEAT is looking to create a range of activities that provide educational and employment opportunities as well as leisure and recreation facilities.

Mr Mitchell added: “Essentially, we want people to tell us what they would like to see happening in the estate that would make them visit Silverburn time and again.

“We hope this workshop will reinvigorate people early in the year – we already know that many, many people hold Silverburn estate close to their heart and we look forward to sharing this journey with them.”

To ensure effective organisation of the workshop, FEAT is requesting that everyone wishing to attend contacts them in advance to reserve their place.

This can be done by telephoning on 01592 759371, via e-mail to feat@journeytowork.co.uk or posting on the new Silverburn Facebook page at www.facebook.com/heartmindsoulsilverburn.