Festive drunk driver struck pedestrian

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DESPITE numerous warnings and national campaigns, people across Fife still chose to drink and drive over the festive season.

During a four-week national campaign between December 3 and January 3, co-ordinated by ACPOS, police forces across Scotland carried out a high-profile campaign using both marked and unmarked patrols, targeting those who continue to risk their own lives and those of others by driving while under the influence.

Fife police took part in the campaign and officers reacted to numerous calls from the public reporting suspected offenders and used intelligence and information received to target them.

Throughout the campaign, the force reported a total of 18 people for drink-driving related offences.

On December 15, a 33-year-old man crashed his car into traffic lights and a bollard. The man was caught a short distance away and provided a breath reading of more than three times the legal limit.

On December 27, a 27-year-old man struck a pedestrian with his vehicle in a car park.

He later provided a breath reading of almost twice the legal limit.

Chief Inspector Adrian Annandale, head of road policing in Fife, said: “It is encouraging to see only half the number of persons reported for offences over this period compared to last year.

“The figures do not, however, detail the number of drivers that passed the roadside breath test, but registered as having consumed alcohol and this was a consistent observation by officers throughout the campaign.

“The message is clear: do not drink and drive.

“The festive safety campaign also focused on pedestrians under the influence of alcohol who may be a danger to both themselves and other road users.

“By raising awareness of this risk, communities assisted in contacting the police on numerous occasions, reporting pedestrians walking on unlit rural roads throughout the Fife area.”